:: ‘Stylish Mobility’
Did you ever want to purchase a portable sound system that didn’t look like a bells and whistles boom box, now you can! Our unique, paper thin, ultra-light and portable device streams music wirelessly with sweet sound, hours on end, on one battery charge. The chic design is wall & desk mounted with a colour combo to match any décor in the home. Filo brings a new definition to light and easy music.

440mm(W) X 182mm(H) X 62mm(D)
Bluetooth A2DP stereo input
Single Li-On rechargeable battery for 10 hours operation
3 x 2.5W (7.5W) power output
2 X T10 SBESL™ driver + 1 X 2" woofer
Universal voltage adaptor/charger 100 - 230V

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