Electrostatz® Technology
Paper-Thin ESL Speakers Are The Future!

What makes IN2UIT’s audio products, powered by Electrostatz® technology, so breathtaking?

The multi-award-winning cutting-edge industrial design. The intuitive and simplistic forms. And of course the paper-thin (less than 5mm) speaker profiles.

But one important feature not to be overlooked is their core Electrostatz® technology. IN2UIT is the world’s first and only audio brand to use pure high-end ElectroStatic Loudspeaker (ESL) technology for its complete range of paper-thin and compact audio art engineered products.

ESL’s are renowned by audio lovers for their amazing acoustic transparency, purity, lightning-speed response, and high resolution sound . ESL systems generate exceptionally vibrant, natural, and ultra-dynamic music. And they are able to reproduce audio frequencies from as low as 600Hz to well over 40,000Hz-a frequency that is beyond the human ear’s capacity to hear. But what many people don’t realize is that these upper limits of acoustic frequencies are what really make up the pure harmonic qualities that create truly beautiful music and exquisite sounds.

IN2UIT® Electrostatz® is a proprietary and globally patented technology.


The world of firsts!

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